• You should have seen the way he looked at me

    The Dixie Cups were one of the original girl groups. Perhaps only remembered for their hits Chapel of Love and Iko Iko, this song is a reminder that it is always worth looking further at an artists catalogue. You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked at Me is my favourite. It encompasses the joyful,… Continue reading You should have seen the way he looked at me

  • One Fine Day

    “One Fine Day” is one of those songs that bounces you into feel good. The Chiffons have just the right amount of youthful joy to make this work. While Kings piano keeps the song moving forward. The story is that King and Goffin wrote the song for Little Eva and you can hear the connection… Continue reading One Fine Day

  • Broken hearted fool

    Inez and Charlie Foxx were a brother and sister duo. Their music is instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever heard Motown, Philly soul, Northern soul – even just in passing. Despite this they were not well known. Picked up by the Northern Soul scene this song (written by Charlie Foxx) is one of my… Continue reading Broken hearted fool

  • Be My Baby

    The opening to this song is timeless. The song is one of the greatest 3 minutes of pop ever. And it is the guilty pleasure that tells us that guilty pleasures should not be guilty but simple pleasures. Be My Baby is the first 45 I bought. It feels like a privilege to own such… Continue reading Be My Baby

  • Are You Still My Baby

    It seems safe to say that The Shirelles are best known for their rendition of the Carol King /Gerry Goffin song “Will you still love me tomorrow”. As a single “Are You Still My Baby” holds true to their almost naive sounding voice, perfect harmonies and all set off against what are sometimes highly charged… Continue reading Are You Still My Baby