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  • Broken hearted fool

    Inez and Charlie Foxx were a brother and sister duo. Their music is instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever heard Motown, Philly soul, Northern soul – even just in passing. Despite this they were not well known. Picked up by the Northern Soul scene this song (written by Charlie Foxx) is one of my […]

  • The Garmin Hack

    The Garmin Hack

    And why you should care about it. Can Garmin be trusted with your (very) personal data? Probably not! The cycling press has covered this hack fairly extensively. But it doesn’t feel like the seriousness of the databreach has been appreciated. One commentator described the data as being “ride data… that is anonymised”. (They did go […]

  • Snap off

    Snap off

    Ubuntu’s snap is intended to aid the user experience. It doesn’t always do so. If you have ever tried to open a file from the web in Ubuntu and had the error message “file not found”/ “file does not exist”/ or “permission denied” the culprit could well be SNAP. With the release of Ubuntu 20.04 […]

  • At night

    At night

    There’s a whole world out there

  • Being professional

    Being professional

    Why it might not mean what you think

  • The Ronnettes

    The Ronnettes

    The first ladies of rock and roll

  • Northern soul

    Northern soul

    Heart broken lyrics, uplifting beats, old before it’s time, refuses to die.

  • Riding the Tourmalet

    Riding the Tourmalet

    I had a plan, it wasn’t much of a plan, but it was a plan.

  • Exercise is better done green

    Exercise is better done green