“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days”



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  • Wheel builders and bike shops
    Good wheels make a good ride. Good bike shops provide good advice! Local Bachory cycles Online These are large online retailers that have generally provided a good service. Wheels Edco Places to try (as recommended on Singletrack):
  • The hell of the north
    Commentating on live bike racing is a dangerous business Is commenting in a foreign language a hindrance or a help? Watching the first womens Paris Roubaix is an amazing historic moment. That it is being broadcast is good, though perhaps if they had chosen to make a feed available for the whole race that would… Continue reading The hell of the north
  • Grace and dignity
    For anyone looking in on cycling there are multiple obsessions that must appear odd. Perhaps one of the oddest is that around socks. The sports governing body (the UCI) goes so far as to mandate length. While roadies would never dream of wearing socks that did not compliment their kit. But even socks have a… Continue reading Grace and dignity
  • Two big names retire from racing
    As the World Championships get into full swing Tony Martin, the German time trial specialist, has announced his retirement from racing. He is the second big name, big character rider to announce their retirement in recent weeks. “Crosswinds” Dan (Martin) announced his retirement on the eve of the Tour of Britain. Typically it would be… Continue reading Two big names retire from racing
  • The Garmin Hack
    And why you should care about it. Can Garmin be trusted with your (very) personal data? Probably not! The cycling press has covered this hack fairly extensively. But it doesn’t feel like the seriousness of the databreach has been appreciated. One commentator described the data as being “ride data… that is anonymised”. (They did go… Continue reading The Garmin Hack
  • Riding the Tourmalet
    I had a plan, it wasn’t much of a plan, but it was a plan.